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"The dramatic weight of “Sumeida’s Song” rests squarely on the character of Asakir, and the chief ingredient to its success on Saturday was mezzo-soprano Heather Gallagher..."

-David Weininger, The Boston Globe, Sumeida's Song

"The evening's most truly disturbing moment came when Burke and Hare's ladies, both sung and acted to dispicable, harpyish perfection by Michelle Trainor and Heather Gallagher, stripped off a trembling Slattery's hat and jacket before his character's unstaged murder."

- Zoë Madonna, The Boston Globe,
The Nefarious, Immoral but Highly Profitable Enterprise of Mr. Burke and Mr. Hare

"…the singing, particularly from Atti and Gallagher, overwhelmed Longy’s Pickman Hall…this is a jewel of a Werther."


-Jeffery Ganz, The Boston Globe, Les letters de Werther

"Jaime Korkos, Sarah Womble and Heather Gallagher as Ladies Angela, Ella and Saphir were comic and vocal gems..."

-Kevin Wells, Bachtrack, Patience

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