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Cultural Wasteland aims to create immersive productions using local artists of all disciples in an intimate format. From classical music and opera to cabaret, musical theatre and new music  Cultural Wasteland’s goal is to create memorable concerts and opportunities for like minded artists to collaborate with one another and take creative risks as an ensemble.


Cultural Wasteland’s Mission is…


  • To push artistic limits and challenge the status quo in opera and classical music

  • To provide artists mentorship that is honest and meaningful

  • To compensate artists promptly and fairly for their talents

  • To foster collaboration between multidisciplinary artists

  • To provide opportunities to talented artists who do not fit the mold and need a platform

  • To promote lost or seldom performed works and composers

  • To present concerts that see old music in a new light

  • To break down the Fourth Wall between artists and audiences

  • To continue to work towards engaging the total artist

Are you interested in collaborating with us? Reach out via the contact page and tell us a little bit about your self!

Interested in making a one time donation to support our work? Click the donate button below

Hire Cultural Wasteland for your next gig! Create your own program or take a look at the program catalogue below. Don't see what you're looking for? Curate your own show that's perfectly suited to your special occasion for an unforgettable experience.
Contact for pricing and further information:

When Britten Met Auden
Featuring the cycles On this Island and Cabaret Songs, When Britten Met Auden explores the early and all too brief collaboration between poet WH Auden and Benjamin Britten. Running time (50 minutes) 1 singer, 1 pianist

June Twilight: the Songs of Rebecca Clarke
Rebecca Clarke was a respected violist during her life in England and America but she was also the composer of some extraordinary chamber music and songs. June Twilight contains some of Clarke’s best songs and musical works and explores her life and the challenges she faced as a female composer in a time where women were thought incapable of composition. Running time: 60 minutes; 1 singer, 1 pianist OR 1 singer, 1 pianist, 1 violist.

“Crazy B%#ch!” Classical Music’s Difficult Women
Where would the world of opera and song be without its “Difficult” women? Not so dramatic for sure! This celebration of history’s greatest roles for women features arias from Carmen, Samson et Dalilah, Cavalleria Rustica and Dangerous Liasons in addition to Handel’s secular cantata O Numi Eterni. Running time 50 minutes; 1 singer, 1 pianist

Boston Song: New Music from Boston Based Composers
Hear the latest in up and coming homegrown talent! This year’s Boston Song features Dan Shore’s arrangement of Five Songs of Anna Berkowitz, 2 Sacred Songs by James Myers, The House by Mason Bynes and Arturo Fernandez’s pandemic inspired Naught but a Statistic… Running time 50 minutes; 1 singer, 1 pianist

Meet Cultural Wasteland!
A sampler of what Cultural Wasteland is all about! This program features a diverse mix of Mozart, New Music, Fats Waller, Gershwin and Ellington. Running time: 60 minutes, 1 singer, 1 pianist, 1 instrumentalist 


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