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What is 

Letters from New York?

What would you do if you knew you were living on borrowed time? 

LfNY working poster.jpg
LfNY working poster.jpg

Chris DeBlasio....

Was a theater kid in New Jersey in the 1960s and he dreamed of moving to New York. He eventually realized that dream, working in New York as a sought after singer actor, supported by an eclectic group of friends, including the great American organist and composer, Calvin Hampton. However, it wasn't long before Chris' bohemian idyl was shattered, first by the strange and sudden death of Calvin and then later by the realization of a deadly new disease. Upon receiving a positive HIV diagnosis in the mid 80s, Chris threw himself into advocacy work with ACT UP and found the strength and passion to keep composing despite his ambiguous feelings of it's importance in the midst of such suffering and death. 

Letters from New York is the celebration of Chris' legacy through the beautiful music he left behind.

with Heather Gallagher, mezzo-soprano
Paul Soper, Baritone
and James Myers, pianist

Hear Paul Soper sing 
Walt Whitman in 1989, from All the Way Through Evening

Hear Heather Gallagher sing
Anaphora, from In Endless Ascent

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